Workout Intense forced Negative Reps to Failure in 15 minutes to build a lean powerful looking body

June 12, 2018 652 views

Ben Greenfield Spartan Athlete & Dr Nick Delgado actually scream when they workout due to the added intensity from pushing the weight going in the direction of the concentric contraction. Dr Nick’s amazing workout and its not for special effects. This training system has created two Mr Olympia, (Doran Yates, Mike Mentzer) The intensity is so high, woman giggle uncontrollable during the workout and men growl and scream. This was posted while training in Las Vegas, the night Dr Nick and Ben Greenfield attended Epic Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather. fight.

To find out why Ben Greenfield, podcaster, world class athlete and trainer to Pro’s says Dr Nick Delgado, is a beast!
Dr Nick in his mid 60’s routinely out-lift guys half his age because of his advanced plan explained at

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