Why gluten is bad for you!

July 11, 2012 7464 views

Why is gluten bad for you? FIND OUT! Go to http://nickdelgado.com/ to learn more.

Dr. Nick Delgado explains this in detail. He explains what gluten is, what happens to gluten in our body, and what we can do to avoid gluten and other food allergies. There are allergy tests that can tell you what foods you are allergic to.

0:08 Where is gluten from?
0:32 What happens when you eat foods with gluten in them?
0:57 People with a weakened immune system can’t handle gluten as well.
1:20 The body alerts itself that you are allergic to a certain food.
1:45 The immune system kicks into action when you eat foods your allergic to.
1:57 Gluten intolerant people who eat gluten have these symptoms.
2:10 The solution to food allergies, it exists!
2:30 Nonfat milk vs whole milk?
2:38 Delayed food allergy tests and the benefits
3:03 What happens after the food allergy test?
3:30 Change your diet to avoid food allergies.
3:48 Discover what foods YOU are allergic to.
4:00 The benefits of avoiding food allergies are within your grasp.


Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach


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