What is best natural treatments for Hyperthyroidism (elevated thyroid)? Dr Hertoghe

July 7, 2014 607 views

Hyperthyroidism is a condition that can be treated naturally!

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In this video Dr. Thierry Hertoghe explains “What is Hyperthyroidism?” There are many things to consider when looking to treat Hyperthyroidism and also different causes of the condition. Watch him discuss what he does to naturally treat his’ patients looking to get over their hyperthyroidism.

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0:03 What is in the blood that causes Hyperthyroidism?
0:09 Your house could be effecting your Hyperthyroidism
0:47 Why do most cases of Hyperthyroidism happen?
1:08 How do you lower the antibodies that cause Hyperthyroidism?
1:19 high dose Iodine can help you
2:20 Conventional treatment and where it can go wrong
2:42 the adrenal connection low dose cortisol
2:58 Dr. Thierry’s preferred treatment
3:18 Cauliflower is the source of anti-thyroid medications
3:50 Beta-Blockers are the safe but not natural treatment
4:20 It starts in the intestinal system
4:39 Why does the thyroid gland get effected?
5:05 Antibodies and what they do


Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach


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