Treating Hyperthyroidism naturally. Seniors Run marathons Dr. Thierry Hertoghe

July 7, 2014 1042 views

How can seniors train for marathons? How do you treat hyperthyroidism? – Dr. Thierry Hertoghe
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Even at age 57 Dr. Thierry Hertoghe is able to run marathons, every week! How can seniors run marathons? How can hyperthyroidism be treated? Dr. Hertoghe has a specific formula filled with hormone treatments and minerals. His’ legs don’t even get sore after a marathon because of how great his’ treatment is!

0:07 The best way is the old-fashioned way.
0:20 Orally ingested thyroid treatments slowly release the thyroid hormone.
0:52 Desiccated thyroid treatment lasts a longer time than other thyroid treatments.
1:07 Thyroxine and its effects
1:30 Desiccated thyroid is a combination of T3 and T4 thryroid.
2:00 Natural treatments are the best for our bodies.
2:20 Certain people cannot convert thyroid hormones well.
2:42 Dr. Hertoghe’s personal experiment in hormones.
2:55 He averages a marathon per week!
3:13 Treatment to help him run a marathon weekly.
3:37 He boosts his’ repairing hormones to decrease recovery time.
4:05 How he maintains his’ energy during a marathon.
4:31 Minerals are vital to long-term energy.
4:58 Magnesium prevents cramps during a marathon.
5:26 He impresses himself even, running a marathon every week at 57 years old!
5:49 Running marathons is very enjoyable and relaxing to Dr. Hertoghe.

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