Thyroid Hormone quiz acne, cold hands, fatigue, poor cognition, premature aging? Iodine T3T4 Dr Nick

October 24, 2018 156 views

Cold hands, cold feet, low metabolism, slow reflexes, reduced mental cognition? Blood test for a typical thyroid panel often omits the most important test for Free T3, which is the bioactive form of thyroid. When T3 is below normal or on the low end of the scale and symptoms exist then it is clear that iodine support is needed, RAD Iodine, milligram (mg) dosage to restore optimum levels.

Most will also benefit from the whole thyroid glandular supplement or you will need prescribed Amore or compounded T3 T4 to get the whole glandular support to improve or restore thyroid function. When a doctor only prescribes the use of synthyroid which is just T4, it will not convert back to enough T3 Free Thyroid to benefit the individual.

Healthy Thyroid levels benefit the skin because adequate levels support increases SHBG which binds to excess circulating androgens and as a result help restore the skin to be clear of acne and pimples.

Endocrine disruptors are important to avoid. Bromide, fluoride, etc See and podcast on iodine with David Brownstein DO, at

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