The Top Five Estrogen Foods to Avoid Dr. Nick Delgado response to Dr. Josh Axe

March 26, 2019 4883 views

Dr. Nick Delgado response to Dr. Josh Axe Youtube video:

High Estrogen Foods to Avoid.
Men Feminine looking characteristics, testosterone issues, ED can worsen from estrogen dominance.

Female hormonal issues from estrogen, issues hypothyroidism, ovarian cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue are side effects of consuming estrogen rich foods. Premature menstrual cycles are are related to excess estrogen in our food, water supply and environment.

The truth is that excess soy milk over 4 quarts (one gallon) is a problem however small amounts of soy, fermented soy, edamame is helpful to serve as a phyto estrogen to protect the receptor sites in humans.
Natto soybean is fermented has a strong taste and smell, with Vitamin K, assists gut health. Support good bacteria from probiotics.

Beer, meat, Dairy, Chicken, Fish or cheese is loaded with estrogen. Grass feed animals are not going to be protective from excess estrogen.

avoid plastics, xenoestrogens, PCBs or poly-chlorinated biphenyls in fish. avoid teflon pans use titanium pans

Avoid processed sugar, brown sugar, reduce apple juice.

yet enjoy fruit which are rich in polyphenols.
Grains processed white avoid, while consume whole sprouted grains ideally low gluten, ancient grains are a better choice.

Consume more vegetables and fruit.
We need more omega fatty acids ideally from whole soaked nuts, walnuts, sesame seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, are best

The major way to combat excess estrogen is to use cruciferous vegetables rich in DIM, Indole 3 Carbinol ( IC3 ) supported from a supplement called Estroblock. Consume Broccoli, Kale, cauliflower, and cabbage.

See See DHT Block, Nuero insight, Estroblock

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