The Link Between Hormones and Mood Disorders. Dr. Thierry Hertoghe and Dr. Delgado

January 22, 2013 877 views

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe discusses the link between mood disorders, thyroid function, and cortisol imbalance with Dr. Delgado.

@ A4M 2012 Las Vegas

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe practices medicine in Brussels. With his sister, Dr. Thérèse Hertoghe, they proudly represent the 3rd successive generation of physicians working with hormonal treatments – and this since 1892 (after Eugène Hertoghe – former vice president of the “Royal Academy of Medicine” in Belgium and Luc & Jacques Hertoghe – endocrinologists). Dr. Thierry Hertoghe devotes his life to the promotion of a better, patient-oriented and evidence-based medicine.

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