The Jing Orb – Healing life force energy to rejuvenate organs, like a battery, gene expression.

June 25, 2019 328 views

How To Use Jing Org to restore the bodies immune system and organs of the body By Michael Stern
You can feel balance like a meditative state. The are 3 forms of energy the body requires. Jing is like life force energy we are born with. This Jing orb restores the body energy. Qi “Chi” and Shen are part of the energy cycle to sustain human life. Like a burning candle, the fire is the Jing, the candle wick wax is the Qi, the Radiance from the flame is the Shen.
Unfolded protein response relates to most disease conditions. This device restores the cellular integrity, increases the membrane voltage potential, reduces the negative unfolding protein response. there can be 100’s of gene expression issues that relate to health issues or challenges. This gets to the cause of many cellular and molecular issues.

This is not to be confused with the detox foot bath, which is not based on science. The rusty look of water is just the electrode from water dissolved minerals, when a water purifer will remove the colors in most cases since the colors do not come from the body This is peer review medical journals that has not related to color changes of the body.

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