The Benefits Of PEMF -Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Cancer Free?

July 6, 2017 1696 views

Time LIne Therapy NLP is briefly mentioned to help be in the best mental state and PEMF is explained to help restore and recharge our electromagnetic energy.

A healthy, young person pulses about 2-3 times per minute. As we age, this rate declines according to Aaron Dodson. PEMF is designed to restore the frequencies in the body, and increase the energy of the cellular. Our body pulses to help the heart circulate the blood throughout the body. As we age the pulse rate drops down to 1 pulse per minute, in diabetics the pulse rate is about 1 pulse per 10 minutes. With the PEMF, your body will be able to have regulated blood flow, which in turn will provide you with more natural energy. PEMF also helps increase the cellular voltage of the body which reduces the risk of illnesses such as cancer.

PEMF Aaron Dodson & Naina Sachdev MD

Raw organic, (best not cooked, living enzymes probiotics, health is energy) not meant to eat dead food. We need live energy, Gut has 60% of immune system. We need in the foods. The cells are energy and we have lost our energy. We need optimal alignment of energy of cells. this affects nutrients of energy to the cells. 70 Trillion cells we are 70 ot 80% water and our cells are like batteries, alkaline baby plump like a grape and end life a wrinkled raisin, we need the energy and electrons and we must be properly hydrated and antioxidant, we need to keep hydrated, everyone is dehydrated and filled of toxins. PEMF restores energy back to balance

Food Water Frequency
We need to walk on beach, walk on the grass barefoot, we need grounding based on the science of the shoeman frequencies
Cancer is present in 50% of males, 30% in females in the USA. Our cellular energy needs 70 to 100 millivolts, cancer occurs as 30 millivolts. WE must charge our cells back up. Aging is the accumulation of cell energy. This device finds problems and restores and helps to create movement. PEMF heps ur lymphatics, improves all the cells and brings in more oxygen and nitric oxide.

WE need 8 minutes a day of PEMF (laying on an intensity mat or sitting on a pad) to balance and maintain our own health. For Sick people they can benefit from 20 minutes on the mate twice a day.
WE need raw organic food and pure hydrogen rich water.

PEMF – The Safe and Revolutionary Therapy that Reverses Disease and Transforms Health

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