Testosterone for Women

January 12, 2015 784 views

Testosterone is a key and healthy hormone to have in our bodies. Learn about its benefits from Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Michael Bedecs.
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Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Michael Bedecs discuss Testosterone. Testosterone is important not only for men, but also for women. In addition to increased sex drive, energy, and muscle, testosterone also helps your heart stay healthy. With proper hormone replacement therapy, women and men can feel better than ever, despite their age!

0:16 Japanese farmers eat well and live long
0:46 Okinawa is a blue zone, they live REALLY long
1:16 Hormones affect mental acuity
1:24 Asian people have better hormones at older ages than Western people
1:50 Diseases follow cultures, not genes
2:30 Longevity is negatively affected by access to fast food
2:59 Diet is related to hormone balance
3:26 Testosterone is important for women
3:40 Testosterone deficiency in women starts earlier than we test them
4:13 Why is testosterone important for women? Energy, muscle mass, sex drive, and others
4:50 Collagen is the reason the face ages
5:25 Anti-aging doctors have had success in combating cellulite.
5:48 Should women be concerned about facial hair when considering hormone replacement therapy?
6:10 Testosterone in women can increase hair growth and clitoral size
6:41 However, proper treatment avoids these side effects
7:22 There is still a long ways to go with hormone replacement therapy
7:28 There is a difference between the normal range and ideal range
8:20 People are accustomed to different levels of hormones
9:28 Everyone’s hormone needs are different
9:44 The heart has more testosterone receptors than any other organ in our body
10:35 Both partners of a couple should receive hormone replacement therapy together.

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Dr. Nick Delgado
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