Testosterone for Women by Dr. Naina Sachdev A4M Las Vegas 2012

January 23, 2013 715 views

Testosterone in Women by Dr. Naina Sachdev

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In this video, Dr. Naina Sachdev, of the Advanced Aesthetics and Integrative Medical Center, discusses testosterone, at the 2012 A4M Las Vegas.

0:15 Over-dosing on any drug is not good
0:46 Women’s Testosterone starts to decrease in their’ 30’s
0:51 Symptoms of low Testosterone in women
1:20 The myth about women on testosterone
1:40 We might be missing so many women who need testosterone replacement
2:14 Bring testosterone back naturally
2:30 Benefits of normal testosterone levels in a woman
2:59 Feel stronger on testosterone
3:16 Testosterone can prevent loss of muscle mass
3:43 Balance testosterone to stay healthy
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