Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone

November 4, 2014 1782 views

Testosterone, Human Growth Hormone Dr. J Wright & Holly Wright

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0:16 When was Holly Wright introduced to bio-identical hormones?
0:34 She planned her menopausal treatment well in advance
1:07 In modern times, hormone therapy started in the US
1:42 Dr. Delgado’s own introduction to Human Growth Hormone
2:10 Nick’s testosterone levels optimized soon after starting his’ own treatment
2:41 Holly started with triple-estrogen
3:09 Women get testosterone as well as men
3:38 Let us know more about women who need testosterone…
4:26 Is there a bias against giving women testosterone?
4:42 Testosterone or other androgens frequently drive libido and sex drive
4:59 Women need testosterone to boost muscle mass and avoid becoming weak
5:53 Holly’s results from hormone therapy
6:25 Holly’s skin has benefited from hormone therapy

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