Team USA, Tim Nash, Nick, Brandon Nicholas, Dragan at Arnold Sports Vertical Lift World champions

December 2, 2018 285 views

This is Team USA, Tim Nash, Nick, Brandon, Dragan (Nicholas not shown) at Arnold Sports Vertical Lift World champions March 2014 warming up to defend there world Title. Tim Nash and Nick Delgado lift over 1/2 million pounds over head to prepare to compete in these physically demanding competitions. Brandon Delgado is a Cross Fit competitor who lives in North California.
This exercise curl the weight from the side to lift overhead generates the distance 55 inches, times the weight 35 lbs dumbbells x number of reps 1,000 lifts which is nearly 2 million units of energy according to Newton’s Law, distance x weight x number of reps Also Speed of movement increases the intensity for this great exercise now called the Delgado Challenge, (Dragan Challenge)

Dragan is from Northern Europe, who joined up with Team USA to also demonstrate his tricep lift while walking. see http”//

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