Strength Yoga w/ Ibok Ibokulus

March 23, 2016 689 views

Ibok Ibokulus calls himself a master of Yang as he has trained every martial art and played pro football. He knows first hand how an imbalance of Yang can damage the body and came to Yoga to find balance and heal from the many injuries related to a ‘full contact life’. Ibok found peace threw Yoga and Personal Growth training(Yin) and advanced his Healing Art of Thai Yoga Massage to the next level. He uses his experience in martial arts and sports to influence his Yoga instruction and appears to be having a lot of fun doing it.

Health Benefits Associated With Yoga:

Stress relief
Increased flexibility
Increased muscle strength and tone
Improved respiration, energy and vitality
Maintaining a balanced metabolism
Weight reduction
Cardio and circulatory health
Improved athletic performance
Protection from injury

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