Stimulant Driven Society-Adrenal Fatigue and Coffee? Cortisol is needed

August 11, 2015 779 views You want to build up adrenal functioning which is the front line defense of your body.
People are becoming used to living in complete chaos and stress. With the population addicted to stimulants and the ensuing body crash hormones are disrupted. This hormonal disruption causes negative adrenal problems. At this point in your body Cortisol comes to the rescue to balance.
But you have limited Cortisol. When you get low in Cortisol you become Cortisol deficient and inflammation pops up everywhere starting a vicious cycle. This happens a lot easier and more frequent as we get older.
So your body must calm down.
Yoga and meditation are great solutions along with less caffeine and stimulants and healthy plant based nutrition.
A Telomere Study at Stanford revealed 45 minutes of real meditation 3 times a week extended telomere length 44% which determines the life span of a cell. This is significant. You can view the Telomere study at:

0:13 Front Line of Defense: Adrenal Function
0:45 Stimulant mode
0:55 World of complete Chaos and Stress
1:21 Energy Drops off due to this cycle
2:09 Inflammation Issues cause stiffness and tightness
2:51 Meditation brings peace and quiet to body
3:08 Inflammation is old age challenge
3:44 Yoga and Meditation
4:07 Laser focus concentration, NLP, timeline therapy
4:29 Telomere Study showed how to extend cell life
4:47 Biggest tool to improve health

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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach

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