Skin, free of acne, lifestyle with Dr Nick Delgado Author of Acne be Gone for Good & Vida Sharma RN

March 31, 2020 257 views

How to have clear skin, Vida Sharma RN shares with Dr Nick Delgado, Author of Acne Be Gone for Good.
The Indian diet needs to avoid cheese, Ghee. (Butter)
Dairy free, animal free, oil free, plant based with herbal supplements. Exercise, avoid substances.
Supplements, Vit D, B12, Nutritional Yeast? DIM microscopy
TMG, DMG, PSS, methyl donor, 24 urine test for hormones. Thyroid assessment, iodine assess, ankle reflex, cold hands? Feet cold?
coffee? Energy with or without.
DHT block, Estroblock, Annihilate Acne Cream

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