Shocking forgotten Diet solution for Diabetes Jeffrey Bland PhD & Dr Nick Delgado

July 17, 2016 567 views

Diet and Diabetes

Discover how diabetes is affected by the things we eat, and what can be done as a means of prevention. Dr. Nick Delgado and Dr. Jeffrey Bland discuss various studies and concepts about diabetes, insulin, and research that may challenge traditional views on diabetes.

0:06 Nathan Pritikin, Nick’s mentor
0:33 How Nathan got into medicine
1:14 Pritikin’s life was saved and he became a doctor
1:53 The discovery of insulin resistance
2:16 The discover of insulin resistance lead to other breakthroughs in diabetes research
2:43 Type 1 diabetes could be from massive dairy consumption
3:10 Cows milk does have a negative effect on infants
3:39 Pritikin explained ancient medicine’s way of diagnosing diabetes
4:06 Pritikin believed cutting off fat would help diabetic people
4:49 High triglycerides blunt the insulin signaling mechanism
5:06 Cavemen would become diabetic when they were sick
5:40 Hospitals over-diagnose hyperglycemia
6:30 Pritikin often referred to the MS diet
6:52 Roy Swank was ahead of his time for diabetes research
7:04 Losing the myelin sheath on nerves is like an electrical wire with no insulation

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Dr. Nick Delgado
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