Sex Triggers in Women

November 3, 2017 11248 views

What men find sexy is different from what women find sexy.
The motivations for women to have sex are different from men.
Dr Jennifer Landa reveals her research findings concerning “What Women Think and Feel is Sexy.”
She talks about Emotional Intimacy being the key to a woman’s Sex motivations.
Know the 5 love languages that Gary Chapman introduced us to and how critical knowing
them is to intimacy and great sex.
Recognize stress and how to reduce and eliminate it.
To many these revelations are unknown secrets that can open amazing intimacy and incredible sex.

0:12 Secret things women find sexy
0:31 Courtship starts in morning
0:51 Women’s sex motivation center around . . .
1:01 What women want to feel like from their man
1:40 Tell a woman . . .
1:47 Know her love languages
2:34 The big killer of woman’s sex drive
3:28 Secret action to Arouse women
4:01 Porn may not do it for her
4:20 Learn the Success of 50 Shades of Grey

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