Scientific Methods for Weight Loss with Dr Nick Delgado. The Ultimate way to permanent fat loss Nick

August 2, 2012 5511 views

Dr. Nick Delgado speaks about scientific methods for weight loss using hormones, nutrition and special exercise routines.

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This channel is to educate people all around the world about the power of nutrition, fitness, hormones and the power of the mind. These 5 tools are essential to staying healthy and fit.

7:08- 21:42 Nick his tells backstory to go from obese, wearing husky pants age 12 to athlete to gain again from attempt to gain weight to stroke, then finding the truth

22:13 – 37:29 accomplishing your health goals no matter the obstacles

1:04:16-1:06:33 Dr. Delgado’s thoughts on “meat substitutes”

1:06:38- 1:10:00 or 1:14:20 Is Gluten Bad?

Weight Loss
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