Science of Sleep affect hormones, body weight, energy, focus, intimate love, immune system Dr Nick

August 18, 2021 354 views

Dr Havey Kaplan MD Harvard graduate, and Dr Nick Delgado discuss in this episode a critical pillar of health we all must improve and experience is deep quality sleep. Do you seek stimulation constantly? Are you bored or depressed?
The most important pillar of health is when we slip into relaxing sleep. Sleep improves erectile function, orgasmic intensity. Orgasm prior to sleep releases prolactin to allows deep sleep.
Circadian circles of light and dark affect our sleep.
Is Caffeine ruining your sleep?
Cortisol hormone benefits to be calm, sharp, smart, stress resistent, improving immune function.
The importance of sleep to improve our hormone balance. Cortisol and dopamine relationship to addiction. Addison disease can be controlled by cortef -hydrocortisone.
Oxytocin the feel good hormone.
Vasopressin and Aldosterone -allows us to hold fluids in our tissues. We have better bonding with our mate. these hormones increase mental focus and energy. Making love improves the bonding between mates as it relates to oxytocin.
Video games and cell phones release as much dopamine as the addictive drug cocaine!
The lack of science as it relates to the immune system. The book Blood Doesn’t Lie will reveal to you the best ways to fight flu, infection, corona virus. the choice of the people we spend time with, the focus on ones health is of paramount importance.
The 7 pillars of health are reviewed in great detail at

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