Science of Anti-Aging – Age Reversal with David Kekich

March 11, 2016 881 views


Age Reversal with David Kekich
David A. Kekich is a recognized authority on longevity science. In 1999, he Found “Maximum Life Foundation”, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation dedicated to reversing human aging and aging related diseases.

He realized the inevitability that science will someday control the human aging process. He understood human beings will someday be able to enjoy very long health spans by studying aging, the root cause of most deadly diseases. The problem? He was in a race against the clock. He was faced with the possibility of being part of the “last generation” to suffer and die from aging related diseases. His solution was to further aging research and move it forward by establishing Maximum Life Foundation.

Maximum Life Foundation shows everyday people how to add up to 20 healthy aging years to your life now… will help control aging and aging diseases for most individuals, and may position them for an indefinite youthful lifespan by 2029. Senescence, the destructive process that is responsible for human aging, is a primary cause behind heart disease, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease and more. The Foundation has created a network of scientists, physicians, and biotechnology industry professionals to use their talents and resources to develop a strategic plan to understand and neutralize the causes of these disease processes.
This channel is to educate people all around the world about the power of nutrition, fitness, hormones and the power of the mind. These 4 tools are essential to staying healthy and fit.

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