Reverse Heart Disease and Diabetes Dean Ornish – The Whole Food Plant Based diet, Exercise, stress

December 17, 2015 591 views

Lifestyle Medicine is the natural way to make your body heal itself!

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In this video Dr. Dean Ornish explains to us how lifestyle medicine can reverse disease. Not only does lifestyle medicine reverse disease, but it also makes people feel better, and when they feel better, they are motivated to keep the changes they have made.

0:06 Dr. Dean Ornish is responsible for exposing how to reverse coronary heart disease
0:26 At the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, they use lifestyle as prevention and treatment of disease
0:48 The American College of Lifestyle Medicine was first prove that heart disease and prostate cancer can be reversed
0:59 Important changes include a whole foods plant diet, exercise, and stress management techniques.
1:07 A change in lifestyle changes your genes.
1:26 Aging can be reversed with lifestyle medicine
1:50 The more you change your lifestyle, the healthier you get.
2:03 Creating a whole new paradigm of health care, not sick care
2:20 Lifestyle medicine is now approved by medicare.
2:42 Dr. Ornish is helping Doctors everywhere to keep patients healthy
3:05 Lifestyle medicine is the best solution to Diabetes
3:47 Arthritis is also helped by lifestyle medicine
4:30 Different types of cancer can be fought with lifestyle medicine
5:06 Lowering your blood pressure with lifestyle
5:16 The results make it necessary to stop taking the blood pressure medicine
5:49 Dr. Ornish has up to a 90% compliance rate to his’ program after a year
6:17 Lifestyle changes make people feel better and they want to stick
6:28 Some benefits of lifestyle medicine
6:51 Most people change their motivation for making lifestyle changes from fear of dying to enjoyment of life

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