Reply to How to overcome Hormonal Acne by Dr. Davin Lim, Board Certified Dermatologist, hear Dr Nick

November 5, 2018 349 views

Dr Nick Delgado Author, comments on Hormonal acne discussion by Dr Davin Lim, of Australia. Board Certified Dermatologist who talks about all the popular treatments. Use of birth control pills, Yasmin, Yaz, Ortho Tri-cyclen with concern about risk factors when other natural herbal methods and diet can balance hormones without needing the Pill. What about Spironolactone? What about antibotics? Vitamin A? Zinc? B5? Does Dairy products worsen acne?

There are now 5 different products in the EstroBlock line, which depending on her or your type of acne, it is best to tailor the product and number of capsules used per day to get the best results.

Some take several weeks others take several months to get improved results as hormonal acne is a internal system issue explained in our newest book release Acne Be Gone for Good. This book is now on Amazon by Dr Nick Delgado with coauthor Dr Sonia Bansal, MD, Board Certified Dermatologist.
Estroblock, or EstroBlock Triple strength Pro, or DHT Block, or PCOS Heart, or LivDtox can be used in combinations or separate depending on the severity of your acne. This product line works for thousand’s of people if used properly. See and take the new hormone acne quiz at

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