Oxytocin and Melatonin Therapy

November 11, 2014 680 views

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The next step then, were looking at the sex hormones that most people refer to, however there are some other elegant hormones that we can replace. Tell us more about some of the thing you had mentioned about parapelli and melatonin and then the other hormones. I’ll mention two of them particularly because the research is strong. We have all heard about melatonin helps you sleep, etc but there is strong research that melatonin helps prevent breast cancer and it does that by keeping the testosterone from turning into as much estrogen and if you do that too much you can raise your risk. Locally it prevents the testosterone from turning into to much estrogen. It also cuts your risk of type two diabetes, melatonin does. So it’s not just a sleep hormone. One of the articles , research articles pointed out that if we use more melatonin our bodies don’t make as much estrogen and if we have more insulin it actually pushes down our melatonin as if they were antagonistic to each other. And , in what you called modern civilization a while back none of us have as much melatonin because melatonin is made by dark. And when it gets dark we turn on the lights and our bodies don’t make melatonin. So we literally , internally are making less melatonin that our great great grandparents and every generation before that didn’t have internal lighting so its part not the whole thing at all. But its part of the increase in type 2 diabetes, it’s just simply no melatonin. Ok, if we go over to oxytocin that stuff has a reputation for being good for intimate behaviors , lets put it that way. Social ability , its used in autism and improves some of the autistic kids , but just recently was published and article where they provided absolute proof that oxytosin helps with muscle, it helps it to maintain and to regenerate. It will not build us a new muscle, that takes testosterone but it will help keep the muscle strong as we get older. Now oxytocin is like most other hormones , melatonin and all of them. One that drops with age, so there are tests to see if how your melatonin, tests to see how your oxytosin level is and if you need it you can replace it and the nice thing about those two hormones is nobody has achieved and overdose yet. Right. So getting a lot of hugs, nipple stimulation and immediately following orgasm. That is one of the biggest floods except of course by far when you’re in the middle of having a baby. Not just after the baby is born, here comes all this oxytosin. People oxytosin dampens down pain and if you need your pain dampened down that would be one time you need it dampened down and then with nursing the baby, the mother child bonding. There’s a lot of oxidizing going on too, but it works with couples also and some couples find if they use it before that things work better. Beautiful.

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