Nutraceutical Hormone Therapy with Dr. Sangeeta Pati

January 12, 2015 442 views

Nutraceutical Hormone Therapy

0:36 There are about 20 different estrogens in the body
1:02 We can enhance our metabolism of harmful estrogens by eating the correct foods
1:16 To achieve optimal health, you must increase your good hormones and metabolize your harmful hormones
1:47 After balancing cancer patients’ hormones, they feel better and sleep better
2:16 If you fix a nutrient deficiency, you can fix DNA damage
2:43 When dealing with cancer nutritionally, you want to focus on measurement
2:57 The best way to achieve ideal nutrient balance is what you eat
3:13 Super foods are a smart way to get nutrients from our food
3:43 Focusing on a plant-based diet is best for us
4:20 You need a bunch of fiber in your gut
4:55 Alkalinity kills cancer cells
5:08 Breathing is an easy step to preventing cancer
5:30 We need to be hydrated better
5:52 Heavy metals also promote cancer
6:14 Electromagnetic fields affect our bodies (thats WIFI and cell phones)
6:50 We can prevent cancer by optimizing the body
7:40 Dr Pati’s story of helping a woman overcome “Fibromaylgia”
8:40 Physicians need to give patients hope!
9:02 In order to rest, say no to things so you can preserve your reserve
9:26 We all need fuel to accomplish our daily tasks
9:49 Commit to a program of rest to rejuvenate

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