Nick Delgado Sets World Record one hour lifted overhead 50,560 lbs.

August 11, 2018 1410 views

This is one of the most intense strength endurance lift demonstration by Dr Nick Delgado at the age of 53, recorded in full for Guinness, with 3 judges, and 3 team members. one person was spraying continuously with water and they changed ice towels undr Dr Nick’s feet to keep his body cool from overheating, another man in front squirting water in his mouth, and Suzie Schuder MD monitored his heart rate averaging 200 during the entire hour. Dr Nick generated over 3 million units of energy according to Newtons Law, Weight (25, 30, 40 lbs -see increase in weight after 40 minutes of lifting, after the world record by Dragan was set in Venice Beach. Dr Nick lost 8 lbs during the lift and could not suck in enough water during the lift without choking because he was breathing so heavy.
Dr Nick had a sexy pace girl standing off camera lifting at the pace needed to exceed the world record, and unknown to him, they were over pacing him, beyond anything level of intensity he had ever done to exceed the former world record by over 10,000 lbs!

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