Mislead by data? Dr Nick on exercise, sunlight, plant based sugar, oil free strengthen Immune System

April 4, 2020 310 views

Toni Bark MD HPV exercise, sunlight, plant-based sugar, oil-free strengthen Immune System
I am sorry to report Dr. Toni Bark at the young age of 60, died of gastroEsophageal cancer, (between stomach and Esophageal after immunotherapy chemotherapy with mebendazole, (anti-work drug), at the age of 14 she gave up sugar, white flour, and went plant-based and gave up all meat. (not sure if she was oil-free?) Because she stated she was on a keto diet. when cancer was found she had a Jejunostomy tube, for liquid nutrition. after a couple more months, during this bout, she had a GI hemorrhage that dropped her hemoglobin down to 4, normal is 12 to 14. The bleeding was coming from her tumor. Immunotherapy and chemotherapy did not work.

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