Kill Your Chronic Fatigue with two easy Supplements: Lithium, PQQ pyrroloquinonline to mitochondria.

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Jonathan V. Wright MD and Dr. Nick Delgado discuss Chronic Fatigue and how to cure it.
Mitochondrial function improves with two nutrients Lithium and PQQ. We address NADH also.
1. low dose Lithium using 5 to 10 mg or up to 20 mg per day to increase mitochondria replication and throw off more energy. Lithium is used for Biopolar dosages at 150 mg a day which is not needed for chronic fatigue.
2. Pyrroloquinonline Quinone (PQQ) also at 10 mg a day will assist in the mitochondria replication.
Using low dose Lithium Orotate (LO) an essential trace mineral and PQQ, supports the whole energy productions process within the mitochondria. You will have more mitochondria to we have more power houses and produce more energy as ATP is thrown off as the currency of energy in every cell.
3. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) & NAD supports mitochondria complex one which is needed if there is a malfunction of mitochondria.

the UK doctor mentioned is Dr. Sarah Myhill who made Lithium popular.
the use low does Lithium is the difference. Dr. Shorter wrote “Before Prozac: The troubled history of mood disorders in psychiatry. Oxford University Press 2009.
Shepherd said English psychiatry did not distinguish between psychogenic and endogenous depression. Yet the use of low dose lithium here is not for depression it is for energy production. High dose Lithium gave this trace mineral a bad reputation because at excessive dosages there can be side effects such as a higher risk of kidney problems, hypo or hyperthyroidism, and hypercalcemia. Only 10% at high dosages of lithium gained weight.

Keep in mind these two supplements will not address those eating very high fat diets which cause high triglycerides leading to dangerously thick blood, reducing oxygen to the brain by over 30% for 12 hours after every fatty sugary meal. See our online course on Fat loss and fitness and learn more
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