Intro to Hormones & Chronic Disease – Dr. Nick Delgado – Natural Longevity 01 –

November 19, 2014 480 views

Hormones and a balanced approach to health and well-being

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Dr. Delgado gives a brief overview of the health protocol he uses to improve longevity, fight chronic disease, and improve well-being.
It takes a balance of hormones, sleep, exercise, love, hypnotherapy, and super foods to achieve optimal health.

0:26 Most people don’t know they have hormone deficiencies
0:55 We have hormone deficiencies and excesses
1:24 75% of our healthcare money goes towards chronic diseases
1:46 Chronic diseases and cancer are in our bodies, but our immune system fights them
2:20 Doctors cannot detect a tumor until its been growing for 20 years
3:03 Arthritis can come from food allergies
3:25 Too many Americans have chronic disease
3:53 Hormone balancing is the first step to fighting chronic disease
4:14 Rest and sleep are also critical in letting our bodies rejuvenate
4:33 Super foods are essential for good quality of life
4:54 Hypnotherapy, LFC training will get to the cause of things that hold us back
5:35 Dr. Nick’s technique to change the way you think sub consciously
5:56 Rapid fitness can let you get in top fitness in a short amount of time
6:18 Emotional love also helps our bodies fight chronic disease
17:55 Adrenal DMG supports healthy adrenal function naturally
18:31 People who take Adrenal DMG will benefit from a blend of natural herbs
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Dr. Nick Delgado
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