Intense exercise training for Females, workout full body in 20 min. firm body, chest, legs, arms

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Dr Nick first explains the best supplements for a pre workout. Then he shows his secret advanced training techniques of how to scientifically train the entire body all seven major muscle groups in only 22 minutes. Learn how to combine the most advanced training principals all into one workout! You are shown how to pre exhaust the muscle group that needs the most attention, with an isolation movement, then with no rest (less than 23 seconds to change the weights or position do a compound movement involving the tired muscle with two or more fresh muscles to take that muscle beyond failure using 100% of the muscle fibers to engage maximum results. The order one trains the muscles can change, yet i good idea is to start with the largest muscle groups first, then work to the smallest muscles.

1. Back, 2. Legs Butt 3. chest 4. shoulders 5. Triceps, 6. biceps 7. Abs

Also find out how the muscles are always 40% stronger on the lengthening movement (Eccentric contraction or shortening ) and weaker on the shortening Concentric contraction ). It’s the lengthening Eccentric contraction “letting the weight back down” that builds the most muscle leaving your muscles to feel sore for the next 2 or 3 days while your body repairs the tears to allow for massive building of firmness.

Watch this video to see how to control the movements, with strict form while exerting more pressure on the downward movement and actually helping on the shortening concentric contractions as the muscles get weaker during the movement.
This is even beyond what Dorian Yates, and Mike Mentzer used to have the highest scores in Mr Olympia history (perfect 300 for Mike) and win titles consistently for Dorian Yates from the UK. The first white bodybuilder besides Arnold to achieve massive results. While Arnold spent at least 4 to 6 hours a day in the gym Dorian would be complete with his training within 45 minutes! yet none of these guys combined all of the techniques discovered by Arthur Jones and scientific medical journals of sports physiology.

Dr Nick was a Physically Therapy major at USC Ranch Los Amigo Hospital and become a two time world Record holder in the curl (1038 curls in one hour with 50 lbs) and 50,560 lbs lifted from a curl to an overhead press in one hour, a record still never exceeded.

Learn for the greatest fitness champion now past the age of 63 (January 5 1955) to become the longest lived person in history having sex on his 123 birthday. Can Dr Nick defy aging, subscribe t this and see for his podcasts and articles on anti aging with lifestyle medicine and immortality.

Workout Intense 22 minute rapid results, firm chest, breast butt lift burn fat

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