In pursuit of Immortality Liz Parrish and Dr Nick on genetic therapy

October 24, 2018 963 views

Dr Nick Delgado Interviews Liz Parrish, BioViva Inc, CEO, to end aging. Extend the length of life.
Liz searched for cure for Type 1 diabetes for her son, lead her to look for a cure to aging. DNA, extreme length of life, Greenland shark lives 400 years, pine tree lives 5,000 years. More people will be able to invest in their health for longevity. Access to gene therapy now. Their 10 types of gene therapies to test in human bodies.
Cause of death from drugs prescribed, sick care, we wait for people to get sick then attempt to help. The USA takes 75% of prescription drugs yet we have a shorter lifespan. Drug companies must not hide data. Herbal supplements can help, with less risk of side effects.
There is no silver bullet, no single therapy that will reverse aging, it likely is several genes that have to be injected into the body with improvements to the chromosomes.
How do we up-regulate protein rebuilding? Max life, Sense foundation, and Ultimate Medical Research Inc.
See the hormone quiz and articles on stem cells, and immortality at

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