Immortality Benefits of Herbs, lifestyle medicine, peptide to slow, Reverse Aging Dr Nick & Grossman

August 9, 2019 391 views

We can use advanced supplements and lifestyle medicine of diet, exercise and the power of the mind will improve energy, well being, feel and look great.
Juicing 64 oz of all greens and root vegetables. Add Beet vitality and stay young to increase nitric oxide, improve circulation, go coffee free.

Beet Vitality

27:00 Sleep with hypnosis and neuro reprogramming along with noise cancellation to get good levels of melatonin
28:00 hormones, men lose testosterone, woman declines of hormones too
30:00 side effects from synthetic hormones.
31:00 have the wrong kind of estrogen’s as they age.
31:30 Progesterone, Estrogen
32:00 Growth Hormone Sleep, injections peptides


See the demonstration of molecular hydrogen to clear free radical damage.
2 Part 3

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