How to do Intermittent Fasting then transition to vegetables, fruit for maximum fat Loss Dr. Nick

June 4, 2019 654 views

Priscilla Housari interviewing Dr. Nick Delgado for the topic of optimal diets and proper fasting to achieve ideal weight loss.

Fasting is best done to reduce addictions to food or drugs and foreign proteins to reduce autoimmune or arthritis. This fasting is best supervised with a doctor trained in plant-based lifestyle medicine (like Truth North). If it is water fast, 5 to 30 days only with a doctor, using relaxed movement and special lights to reduce metabolism. The real solution is this helps to break the cravings or addictions to fatty, greasy, excess protein foods, then it allows to long term solution of vegetables, fruit, Asian oil-free food, Mexican food no cheese no meat, or Mediterranean food all plant-based.
The best is to combine the power of the mind, exercise, and plant-based foods, along with supplements designed for you.

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