Hormones For Anti-Aging

October 28, 2014 967 views

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So, with anti aging sometimes there’s the catabolic and the anabolic hormones. Most people hear about the anabolic, testosterone and the growth hormone. But the catabolic hormones, the adrenals are critical to sustaining well being, handling stress, to reduce inflammation right? Even regulating the rate at which the body utilizes calories, the sugars the fats the proteins and all of this can be improved. Which your suggesting with some type of adrenal cortex complex even though there’s no cortical in the adrenal cortex per say the body is feeding off it or getting rejuvenated if you will by getting these substances along with combination herbs maybe a little TMG or domical glycogen to help the liver. All these little things that you and I believe is it Dr. Gabby, yes did some work a big textbook I saw and been reviewing through. That’s his alone. Its a wonderful textbook called nutritional medicine and it has 14,000 citations of medical literature and Dr. Gabby is the did a wonderful job. Yes, and I really respect that you look at each patient and personalize what your doing, not necessarily that you see them yourselves. I’m in practice still sir. OK good, you have a team of doctors too and so if for example you had mentioned that saliva is good for looking at cortizal initially but once you augment hormones then the levels become super physiological part to measure. So blood is good, but it’s a lot of the textbooks are based on the standards but it’s a snapshot. It’s that moment we drew your blood

right and so you’re missing so the
next level although you get some binding

proteins and things important in blood and
as we know that CBC counts the lipids, the

liver and kidney but with 24 hour urine
You’re able to measure estrogen

in a I find it strange that we have this
growing rate of breast cancer we have


ever-increasing rate estrogen dominance
and yet

very few doctors are educated of the
importance. I know you use Meridian lab I

use Meridian

to get the 24-hour samples maybe there’s a
bias they think a woman or man won’t have to pee anyways , won’t collect their urine and send it off to a lab but the reality is once they get that data you can teach them so much with their doctors help you know and what’s going on. right? When I started using biodental hormones

I also had in mind that we have to keep
this safe

yes that was the major motivation and

the metabolites to tell us about the
safety some are measurable in blood but not

at all

we can’t measure is estro in blood , we can’t measure termothlyajexodile those are both anti carbine estrogens so I talked to the laboratory about lets put together this test . To do it right we do have to have people collect all the urine for 24 hours but even though people initially will say , really? What I do is bring out the chart because I haven’t got it memorized Id love to . It’s very complex. It shows all the different hormones .

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