Hormone Imbalance – Hormone Levels and Your Health

August 11, 2015 350 views


Hormone Imbalance – Hormone Levels and Your Health
w/ Dan Holtz and Dr. Nick Delgado

Doctors and health care industry have been neglecting hormonal imbalance as a serious issue that jeopardizes well-being and quality of life, but new evidence supporting that it does is being uncovered everyday. So why do health care professionals avoid talking about hormone testing and hormonal imbalance? Dr. Nick Delgado talks with Dan Holtz about the situation and the evidence that is being revealed to help people get their desired life style back.

1:00 Old Problem, New Solution
1:48 Hormones Start Their Decline at Age 25
3:12 “Age 32 -35 was Sharp Decline For Me”
3:40 Inflammation Was So Bad Couldn’t Continue Quality of Life
4:29 Internet is Saving Us
4:45 Big Money in Dis-Ease Holding Back Hormone Treatments
Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach


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