Hormonal Imbalance – Estrogen: Controlling Acne, Diabetes, & Cancer

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Hormone Imbalance – Controlling Estrogen

Methyl donors

Jeffrey Bland PhD

Estrogen is a remarkable hormone. The affects of estrogen can be good and bad. With a proper balance of estrogen and other hormones in the body you can lose weight, have clear skin, and prevent cancer.

0:30 How do we manifest the best metabolites and hormones?
0:40 Estrogen is a remarkable hormone
1:01 Estrogen has to managed by your body
1:32 Hydroxylation eliminates estrogen from our bodies
2:01 What type of folic acid? 5 methyltetrahydrofolate of course! And you want methylcobalamin as well.
2:30 Cruciferous veggetables are also important. They have Endo 3 carbinol and DIM. They facilitate the metabolism of estrogen into a form that can be eliminated.
3:19 People with obesity can benefit from DIM as well
3:32 DIM can even revert cancerous growth
3:54 Acne affects most people in western cultures
4:21 Acne is related to these estrogen metabolites
4:48 Acne in women is related to their hormone balance
5:25 Many women become pre-diabetic because of hormone imbalance
5:52 The University of Kentucky study that changes the way we look at the food for diabetic people
6:45 Physicians need to learn more about food for diabetics
7:20 Plant-based diets bring in phyto-chemicals with plenty of benefits
7:54 Over the last 10 years we have understood phytochemicals more and more.
8:26 There are more than one way to stabilize insulin.

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