Hormonal Balance in Women – Types of Estrogen

January 22, 2013 2517 views

Dr. Sangeeta Pati and Dr. Nick Delgado, discuss estrogen, at the 2012 A4M Las Vegas.

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Dr. Sangeeta Pati shares details about different types of estrogens. Many people are unaware that there could be 100 different types of estrogens in the body. Estriol, Estradiol, and Estrone are just some of them. The correct balance of hormones can be invaluable in creating a healthy life. However, an improper balance of estrogens could be harmful to the body.

0:40 The top three types of Estrogen.
1:33 By the time we reach our 50’s the balance can be skewed for the worse.
2:15 Progestin increases strokes, heart attacks, and cancers.
3:50 How do you know if a woman is getting the estrogens she needs?

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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach

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