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Marc Rose Ophthalmologist age 71 had a heart attack years ago now as of 2018 has practiced medicine for 45 years and has is an identical twin while his brother has converted to plant based protein, workout, herbal hormonal enhancement and Dr Nick Delgado actually demonstrates blood observation using microscopy viewing of the cellular blood two hours after eating, adrenal stress, cortisol, steroids to come to truth in medicine. Review diet, and energy medicine like PEMF mat, QRS, BEMER energy medicine to help Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, pain non verbal, self inflicting behaviors, review the need to understand inflammatory foods, FIT Test, Food inflammatory Test.
What diet is important, how Dr Nick takes complex information to be simple, and motivate people to make a change. Short sweet and simple to do a healthier diet of whole foods. Healthy oils, why use oils when you can use the whole foods like olives.
Dr Marc Rose explains the best supplements and ways to improve eye sight and vision. Tony Robbins mastery university is the place where many people first met Dr Nick Delgado.
Neuro Reprogramming is a high bred of NLP used by Tony Robbins, hypnosis like Marshall Silver, eyes open hypnosis, Tad james Time line Therapy like regression therapy used by psychiatrist, is critical to make changes.

Thyroid symptoms of cold hands, the need to test in blood Free T3, LivDtox, molecular hydrogen H2 Ultimate Antioxidant, methyl Donor provide CH3 that breaks down to help accelerate the bodies chemical reaction, the production of energy, estrogen metabolites, PCOS, estrogen dominance can increase the risk of breast or prostate cancer, DIM from Cruciferous vegetables, helps balance and detoxify our bodies. Phase 1, 2, 3 of estrogen pathways. Toxic bottles, eggs meat, chicken add to the load. PCOS Heart is also part of the toxic insulin metabolic syndrome. Sunlight helps release Vit. D3

Red blood cells when mis-shaped reflects nutrient deficiency.
Triglycerides are fats in the blood when elevated after eating too much greasy food. Feels great when triglycerides are 70 to 150 ml/dl. When leaves are under 70 we feel hungry. Is fasting distracting? When we sleep is the best time the body produces the most hormones and fasting during sleep makes sense. immune system and the candida fungal forms, sugar, caprylic acid improved by Adrenal DMG. Dave Asprey blood levels when eating oils and butter as compared to whole foods. Agglutination of blood, energy medicine.
Marc Rose has a 98 year old mother who went to Cleveland Clinic head of cardiology told her its ok to eat any food she wants. Why tell her to be on a vegetable diet. Dr Caldwell Esselstyn age 84, is a cardiologist at Cleveland clinic who recommends an oil free unprocessed diet. Dr Kim Williams MD, Rush former president of American Cardiology Association agrees go plant based diet and exercise. Beet Vitality can help restore nitric oxide. Berberine reduces LDL cholesterol and reduces blood sugar and insulin. Stay Young to improve shape of red blood cells.

Hormones are important to aging process. Take the hormone quiz and subscribe to podcasts and take the online courses at http://DelgadoProtocol.com

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