Growth Hormones and Longevity

November 11, 2014 845 views

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There was another hormone that you mentioned in conjunction with melatonin that at least in mice was reported to cause longevity but together they attentiated each other. That’s dr. Walter P. work as you pointed out. He has been working with longevity because really you can’t be around long enough this to people longevity. So getting to the animals, he found that melatonin would extend the lifespan, about yay much somewhat, but statistically significantly and then the hormone called thyroid releasing hormone, its actually come from the pituitary gland and its one of many jobs is to stimulate the thyroid gland but that increased the stimulating hormone TRH increased the lifespan, but if you put them together it didn’t do an additive, in fact it did a multiplier effect. Then there was a much greater longevity. Now all the hormones have a certain name but lets take thyroid-releasing hormone . Its been found to do a dozen other things in the body that has nothing to do with stimulating the thyroid but each one has its original name. So, particularly in academic circles, that’s what it does that’s what it always does and unless you’re a researcher in the area you don’t even think about all the things that could be done. So there are obviously limitations, some states will say you can’t prescribe a girl hormone, they didn’t say you can’t use it so they have to go to another state, get it prescribed, utilize it because its not just for growth hormone it for rejuvenation. Is this something that’s appropriate for people who tested to be low say IGF1 , I’ve heard also the use of IGF1 as a rejuvenate benefit. Well were very able to measure the growth hormone itself, its done in the same urine collection as which all the other hormones are measured. I prefer to measure the hormone itself . Remember it comes out at night too! yes, so you check it in the daytime and ok. So, you can’t get your levels measured and then very fortunately there’s things that stimulate growth hormone from the inside and the best one is good ol’ exercise like you do. The interval training . Right. That really stimulates growth hormones and that you don’t have to ask your state authorities if you can interval train. Oh wait a minute , I’m sorry tomorrow they might pass a law against that too. At least for now. Exercise intensely, where you’re really breathing heavy and your moving hard and fast. Right and actually some researchers pointed out that works because when we do that our bodies breath lactate and if we reduce too much of that we get muscle problems and it’s the lactate that directly stimulates the growth hormones.

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