Female Hormones – Testosterone in Women

July 17, 2016 3319 views

Female Hormones – Testosterone in Women

Testosterone is helpful for women in so many ways!

Dr. Nick Delgado interviews Dr. Tami about Testosterone and Hormone Replacement treatments. Dr. Tami is thrilled when she can help others achieve a more optimal balance of hormones and overall health in their lives.

0:08 Testosterone in women is not looked at enough
0:26 Testosterone gets people to optimize health, energy, and vitality
0:42 Dr. Tami never heard of Testosterone in traditional medicine training
1:10 Lots of women are afraid of Testosterone, but they don’t need to be
1:45 Testosterone builds strong, good quality bones
2:20 The cool thing about Testosterone and building bones, it removes the “old crappy bone”
2:45 Testosterone built bones are stronger because they are denser
3:00 Fluoride made teeth firmer, but brittle. The opposite of testosterone and bones
3:51 When you age, your ratio of muscle to fat changes. Testosterone can help fix that!
4:17 Because of more muscle mass, we have a bunch of positive side effects
4:44 Dr. Tami’s Testosterone deficient patients are gaining weight
5:01 Because of our hectic lifestyle, women cannot produce enough testosterone
5:27 All of this modern stress is taking a toll on our adrenal glands
6:08 When our cortisol runs out, we produce adrenaline and that leads to a crash
6:31 Dr. Tami’s personal experience with fatigue
7:05 Her’ blood-work revealed low progesterone
7:39 With no testosterone, she was a skinny-fat person
8:02 When she replaced her testosterone her energy soared!!
8:32 Testosterone brings energy and libido
9:09 There is a difference between fine and fabulous
9:31 Feed your body at the right time
9:59 If you treat your adrenals well, they will do their job
10:09 Dr. Nick has been vegan for 36 years and its dramatically improved his’ health!
10:38 Dr. Nick created his’ all natural adrenal support product
11:02 Optimized testosterone means breaking world records for Dr. Delgado!
11:30 Dr. Tami’s take on Dr. Delgado
12:18 Dr. Tami’s contact info
13:00 Health in life is a journey and doctors are the tour guides
13:43 Inspiration and taking charge is possible!
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