Feeding Your Genes – Dr. Nick Delgado with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

October 2, 2017 396 views

Feeding your genes with personalized lifestyle medicine.

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Dr. Nick Delgado & Dr. Jeffrey Bland discuss epigenetics. Epigenetics is the concept that we can choose how our genes express themselves by the way we feed them. Choosing to feed your genes good foods and healthy exercise will tell them to turn on their healthy and happy traits. Diseases can be turned off by turning off the disease genes.

0:19 Dr. Jeffrey Bland was the co-founder of the Institute of functional medicine
0:39 Where is functional medicine at the moment?
0:58 Functional medicine needs to be taken to the consumer.
1:17 The personalized lifestyle medicine institute
1:41 Individuals can empower themselves and take charge of their health
2:06 When consumers are referred to a specialist, they could change the course of their disease!
2:40 When they change their ideas, they can epigenetically change the way their’ genes express
2:49 We can control EVERYTHING about our body and health
3:10 Remember the native americans, but don’t pity them
3:29 Its not genes, its what we feed genes that makes us
3:47 A good example (tarahumara indians)
4:10 The Churro ain’t so cheery
4:27 A slender person could have interior problems
5:00 Susceptibility? Uniqueness? Its actually resilience.
5:39 We have to know ourselves, that’s why its personalized medicine.

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