Facts Why Plant Protein is Misunderstood John McDougall MD introduces Dr Nick Delgado

November 18, 2019 1326 views

Learn the fact why protein from plant protein is more absorbable then animal protein, and can easily rebuild the body needs for protein, to recover from injury, and provide for the best athletic competition. The fact is human breast milk provides 3 to 5% fat contains 0.8% to 0.9% protein, 7.1% carbohydrates

Excess protein from animals causes estrogen dominance.

Tony Robbins was so impressed with Nick after doing an nutritional evaluation, lipid profile, microscope evaluation that in 1994, Tony retained Nick and his team to test over 1,000 people attending Life Mastery in Hawaii while having all participants using many recipes from Nick Delgado’s book, How to Look Great and Feel Sexy, revitalize your Energy in 9 days. With over 600 Recipes, plant based whole food. originally published 1992, copyright 1997. The newest cookbook by Dr Nick Delgado is Simply Healthy cookbook. Nick and his team gathered over 696 test results upon starting and within only 9 days retested those following the high fiber, plant protein based oil free plan with a remarkable 30 to 40% reduction in both cholesterol and triglycerides. Those with the highest levels improved the most, those with good levels remained or improved. This then shows a result as good or better as the best selling cholesterol lowering drug without side effects.

The benefit, more energy, better circulation, reduction in blood pressure reduced body weight, in 6 months and some in 5 year or more followup for those who stayed in touch with Dr Nick Delgado to be evaluated. One trainer continued in the plan more than 20 years after the first event with Nick Delgado and Tony Robbins.

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