Exercise detoxifies, stimulates circulation, immune system, build muscle, reduces fat. Dr Nick

August 29, 2019 540 views

Tired and Hungry No More by Phyllis Ginsberg. Exercise and its importance to your health. Muscles and lymphatic stimulation, the removal of toxins by 10 fold. Get started! Walking, get off the couch, move and get blood flow to the brain. Exercise while you’re sitting using the Tesla Max, lazy man’s approach. Research shows it’s never too late to reap the benefits of exercising. Separate the difference between healthy joints, edema, cognitive thinking, and aches and pains by exercising. Dance, get a trainer, music and/or classes, use what motivates you to get moving.

Neuro Reprogramming will help remove excuses of why you can’t exercise. Tesla max = 500 set ups, helps with pain and allows you to use while working or sitting. Get outside, helps improve your mind, body and motivation to exercise. On line course Fat Loss on Special.

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