Estrogen Therapy

October 16, 2014 1412 views

I’m with Jonathan Wright and I would consider Dr. Wright one of the pioneers, the grandfather if you will, of bio-identical hormones. You told a wonderful story for the medical doctors of this conference and you shared with them how a woman came into see you and you were about to prescribe an estrogen therapy and somehow she become perplexed saying that somehow it was a horse derivative urine of some sort. And she said I’m not a horse, tell me about that story. That’s exactly what she said in response to writing out a prescription. I think she was a teacher that could read upside down so I was writing out a prescription for primary. Now this is 1981 1982 something like that and she knew from reading the original book that came out on it in the 1960’s that this a concentrate of estrogen from horse urine and even though millions of women had been swallowing concentrates of horse urine, she didn’t want to. She said well, I thought that you did natural medicine. Ya, horses are natural, you know? That’s when she said she’s not a horse or asked me if she look like a horse? I knew better to answer that in any way, I knew whatever I said it would be wrong. So I didn’t. Then we talked about it some more and she told me ” I want in my body what was there when I was 33″. Or whatever prior to menopause. I had to tell her one of those medicines that were presently available on the market. At that point she says why don’t you look into that and I’ll be back in a couple of months. So, I called a couple of compounded pharmacies, there weren’t nearly as many there was in the early 1980’s as there are now. None of them in the United States could do it. Wow, I don’t know why. I got a hold of Ed Thorpe and that’s a name to remember because he’s the many how sourced all the materials back then. He was in Vancouver, BC. at Cripps pharmacy and very fortunately Seattle and all that far from Vancouver. So anyway he sourced it so we could put together a comprehensive program including several important estrogen metabolisms like progesterone, DHEA, testosterone all the different things that are so called used in modern bio-data hormone replacement. Now having said that, you are overly generous in calling me a pioneer because you’ll find documentation in a book now having said that, you are overly generous in calling me a pioneer because you’ll find documentation in a book called science and technology in china, 3000 years ago. No not quite, not quite. It was the year 1050, there’s where the pioneers are in the year 1050. And they did just like those horse hormones that people did. They concentrated the hormones from humans. Wow, well that makes sense doesn’t it? Yes, now they weren’t from urine but please don’t object if you have been swallowing horse hormone urine. Switching over to human hormones is safer and that’s what they did and that was done and documented by Joseph Nedeman and his book from the year 1050 all the way through the 1800s. They concentrated them from urine and they contain things that are not in modern day hormone therapy today because a young human body is not just full of not just sex theories but also all the hormones that there are. And that we get in a NY programs, so as I think I mentioned earlier, anybody out there working with public schools, you want to make a lot money for your public school? Just re-plumb the restrooms! So, you own your clinic, your suggesting that the ultimate hormone replacement would be to take from young healthy humans boys/girls and then hopefully separate the boys urine from the female. Not hopefully we got the men’s restroom over here and the females over here. That’s perfectly already done. You filter our all the pot and all the speed; its high school come on. You purify it and you know some people might just give that up and say no that’s going to go to grandma. They might give up those things. And they could make allot of money. Maybe they will have the pure urinal and the not so pure urinal. There you go. But it has EPO, arithroprhin, it hormones we haven’t might have not even identified importance yet. In fact we had hormones identified in 2006, look at what we have identified, it’s got to do with liberating iron and didn’t know it existed. So we actually do a better job folks if we went the high school route.

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