Epigenetics – Dr. Nick Delgado with Dr. Jeffrey Bland

October 2, 2017 313 views


Epigenetics, we can choose our destiny, even our genetic destiny!

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Epigenetics, “The breakthrough of this century” Dr. Jeffrey Bland shows us how newer discoveries are revolutionizing the way we see disease and medicine. He says that through our lifestyle we can choose what genes our body will turn on, therefore we can choose to create a happy and healthy body and life!

0:09 Dr. Nick Delgado introduces Dr. Jeffrey Bland
0:34 The breakthrough of this century
1:05 Our genes are our book of life
1:18 Only certain genes are expressed at a certain time
1:41 What determines which genes our bodies are expressing?
2:00 We can choose which genes are being turned on
2:16 This understanding gives us freedom from disease!
3:00 The Disease Delusion
3:18 Some people are more susceptible, but we can still choose to avoid disease.
3:29 Boom, problems gone!

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Dr. Nick Delgado
Health and Anti-Aging Coach

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