Endurance Runner Rich Roll Shares His Journey To Success Through Plant Based Nutrition

June 25, 2017 474 views

Rich Roll, professional athlete, gained optimum health through plant based nutrition. Rich was a competitive swimmer in college, things went down hill afterwards. He was 50 pounds over weight, eating the basic American diet of dairy and meat. One health scare later, he decided to change his health for the better. He looked to Natural Lifestyle Medicine to revitalize his health and his life. Now, Rich is an Ultra Endurance Runner, training 25-30 hours per week. He participates in Double Iron Man’s as well. His secret to ultimate athletic success is due to his whole foods, plant based diet. Rich sticks to nutritious food like bananas, chia seeds, natural carbohydrates, beans, and very little fat consumption. Read his full story and see his amazing transformation at http://www.richroll.com/

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