Dr. Nick Delgado Sets The World Record in Strength Endurance

October 27, 2009 8208 views



Dr. Nick breaks a world record for hammer curl press overhead.
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Nick Delgado breaks the world record for most weight lifted in an overhead press! At age 52 he is proving that anti-aging medicine gets results! Even though he is more than double their age, he is soaring past guys in their 20’s and 30’s. His secret?
Raw fruits and vegetables, vegetable proteins, keeping his’ hormones in balance, and a strong motivation. During his’ lift, spectators were able to donate money to autism research. Nick is happy to sponsor research about autism, a condition that affects his’ son.

0:23 No limits gym where Nick breaks the world record.
0:45 What motivates Nick to attempt a world record?
1:12 Nick has already lifted 35,500 lbs!
1:47 The last ten seconds of the hour-long lift.
2:10 Nick finally sets his’ weights down, he doesn’t want to stop!
2:26 Nick gets interviewed about his’ motivation?
3:10 Thats right, hes 52 years old and still going for it at age 64 January 5 2019!
3:29 “I wanted to prove…”
3:49 He eats 6lbs of raw fruits and vegetables every day!
4:17 Not only that but he uses a plant nitrogen extract.
4:45 Fighting autism is one of Nick’s primary motivations for completing his world record lift.
5:37 Nick hanging out in his’ hyperbaric chamber to recover.

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Dr. Nick Delgado
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