Dr Nick Delgado Sets The World Record Curl & Press 50,645 lbs Endurance & strength

November 27, 2017 1449 views

Nick Delgado, holds this world record lifting dumbbells overhead, One hour nonstop, The movement includes the natural swing of the weight and must be pressed completely overhead starting from the waist. You cannot bend your knees as you lift.
This is the Delgado Challenge, originated by Dragan Radovic who is well known for a particular strength endurance feat … the alternating one arm curl and press which he calls the “vertical lift”

Dr Nick generated according to Newton Law 2,750,000 units of Energy. (Distance moved the weight 55 “x number of lifts 2,000 x 25 lb each hand, then after 40 minutes switched to 30 lb then 40 lbs dumbbells. The full video on hour not shown here is on file at Delgado Protocol 711 W 17th Street H-6 Costa Mesa. CA 92627
Call 1-949-720-1554 PST M-F for any questions or how you can help autism awareness. see www.fightvaccines.com

Nick exceeded Dragan’s record set in Venice California.

Nick eats unprocessed 6 lbs of organic vegetables and fruit. this record is still unsurpassed for Autism awareness. Lance Delgado, Nicks Son inspires him to help others.
This event was MC’d by Niurka, Author of Supreme Influence
and Steve Stealth Miller,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUZE7EfBap4
see www.nickdelgado.com

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