Dr. Nick Delgado on FOX about Steroid Alternatives. Testosterone, HGH, EPO performance

June 13, 2008 13449 views


Dr. Nick Delgado PhD being interviewed on FOX 11 Morning News regarding Steroid alternatives. There are ways to get steroid-like results, naturally. From the pros down to high school, too many athletes secretly use synthetic drugs to enhance their performance and give them a competitive edge. Per Dr. Nick Delgado, Ph.D, “Steroid use is a massive problem. You can perfect the body beyond what steroids do. We’ve discovered a way, through use of plant nitrogen, to absorb tremendous amounts of energy.” The Delgado Protocol includes use of supplements to induce maximum performance, enabling anyone to perfect their bodies beyond what any steroids can do. Dr. Delgado also stresses high altitude conditioning in a CVAC chamber. Use of this chamber cycles the body through hundreds of oxygen pressure and temperature changes, experienced at various high altitudes, over a 20-minute period. Per Dr. Delgado, “When you go up and down in altitude, brief intermediate exposures to low oxygen, massively stimulates the body to adapt and get stronger and better.” The doctor’s clients, like 43-year old champion skin boarder, Ronnie Pringle, and 22-year old U.S. Olympic water polo athlete, Adam Hewko, claim that this all-natural approach has helped them rebuild their injury-ravaged bodies, assisting them to get back into shape quick, thereby enabling them to compete again beyond their expectations much sooner than anticipated. The final aspect of this all-natural protocol is tapping into the overwhelming power of the mind, allowing the elite athlete or even average people to compete with, and even in some cases, beat the elite athletes. Dr. Delgado is the author of the book: How to STAY YOUNG as well as a worldwide recognized lecturer on health and wellness. Dr. Delgado, at the age 53, broke the world Strength Endurance record lifting 50,640 lbs. in one hour. Dr. Delgado now plans to break the record for aging!

0:24 Dr. Nick Delgado says there are many ways to get steroid results in a natural way
0:46 Nick goes for 1000 reps in 30 minutes
1:10 World champion Skimboarder Ronnie Pringle and U.S. olympic water polo player Adam Hewko use the Delgado Protocol
1:35 Tapping the impressive power of the mind

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