Dr Nick Delgado, honored by Stephen Sinatra, John Gray, John Crisler

November 27, 2017 410 views

DR. Nick Delgado’s overcame obesity and heart disease with diet and exercise and supplements. Dr Nick who worked with Tony Robbins and Tai Lopez and Nathan Pritikin now helps rejuvenate clients with Stem Cells, hormone replacement, power of mind,

see Dr Nick break world record Curl and Press nonstop for one hour lifted 50,645 lbs.

John Grays says Nick Delgado Super foods are the best.
Client talks of alternatives to medicines

Stephen Sinatra, is inspired by products and Nicks writings and speeches.

Hyla Cass MD talks of Nick Delgado helping teach people healthy lifestyle.

John Crisler DO, Power N Speed, a product that makes him feel incredible before his workouts and better mental outlook.

Lean N Fit, helps American Gladiator, Amber Deluca,

Mark Rosenberg, MD, talks of Estrogen Dominance. lung cancer, colorectal cancer. use DIM, I3C found in Estroblock combat estrogen related cancers.

see www.delgadoprotocol.com for the full story

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